Reflection by BRICLab Visiting Scholar Natália Portinari

June 01, 2022

During my time at Columbia, I took part in a seminar in Journalism school on Cross-borders Investigations, run by the professor Giannina Segnini. As part of the class project, we investigated companies and businessmen in Brazil involved in wrongdoings against the environment. I'm glad to have met wonderful journalists involved in the classes. This allowed me to exchange experiences that will help me a lot professionally. The research was very intense and allowed me to use new tools as an investigative journalist. I also audited a class about politics of crime and policing in the United States with Matthew Vaz. The lectures were very insightful and it's a very important subject for us in Brazil, given that our model of mass incarceration and policing is based on the US. I took part as well in a seminar about Receptions of the Odyssey in the Classics department, which was very productive.

Natália Portinari, BRICLab 2022 Visiting Scholar