The Center on Global Economy and Governance (CGEG) was created with the recognition that without adequate global economic governance there is a greater possibility of major crises and a tendency toward protectionism and political upheaval. It is our mission to develop, promote and implement new theories, studies and policy initiatives that cut across nation-state boundaries and address this new reality.

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January 16, 2024

Meet our Spring 2024 Visiting Scholars

CGEG is pleased to be joined by three journalists from Brazil, Marina Estarque, Luigi Mazza, and Bernardo Mello, for the 2024 spring semester.  

September 05, 2023

Reflection by BRIC Lab Visiting Scholar Maria Vitória Ramos

After five years of working non-stop building my nonprofit organization, the Center on Global Economy and Governance BRICLab’s invitation to spend the spring in New York City as a visiting scholar allowed me to take a few months to stop, breathe, reflect, and learn. Columbia University provided me with the exhilarating experience of shattering old assumptions and the rewarding process of conceiving a new perspective on the world.


An Introduction to the Center by Jan Svejnar

An Introduction to the Center

Globalization has brought both major benefits and significant problems. The liberalization and integration into the global economic system of previously semi-autarkic economies have created beneficial economies of scale, spurred innovation, and lifted tens of millions of people out of abject poverty. 



Four of the world’s fastest growing economies — Brazil, Russia, India and China, the so-called BRIC nations — have a special forum at SIPA: the BRICLab. Representing 40 percent of the world’s population, these four nations are a driving force in emerging markets. The BRICLab examines their increasing influence on global affairs and the implications of their growing power through a combination of a visiting scholar program, conferences, and classes. 

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