Conference Report | Sustainable Policy Responses: EU and US Perspectives

Sustainability has become a key issue in many fields central to the future development of mankind.

September 20, 2018

This conference touched upon four key themes: 

  • First, the optimal combination of demand and supply side economic policies to ensure sustainable and inclusive economic growth;
  • Second, how the global financial system may be shaped by the post-crisis economic and regulatory environment, by technological advances such as fintech, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and how regulation should optimally respond to this;
  • Third, how globalization, migration and new technologies such as robotics and AI affect labor markets, and how to support Africa’s development through investment and human capital development;
  • Fourth, how to address the prospect of massive global climate change and its consequences and, to the extent possible, limit its extent.

All these themes, in one way or the other, ultimately also affect central banks, financial regulators and supervisors, financial firms and markets, savers and investors. The conference aimed to make some of these linkages more explicit and traceable.

This was the third in a series of conferences co-organized by the Center on Global Economic Governance, SUERF, the European Investment Bank and Société Générale in New York, aiming to emphasize the global nature of current and future challenges in money, finance, economics and societies as well as the importance of a close dialogue and close cooperation across the Atlantic.

Read the full report here.