Past Event

Grand Corruption and Impunity

September 21, 2015
6:00 PM
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Columbia Law School, Jerome Greene Room 101

<div id="kaltura_player_1444143504" itemprop="video" itemscope="" itemtype="" style="width: 560px; height: 395px;">&nbsp;</div><script src="[streamerType]=auto"></script><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>José Ugaz</strong> is the Chair of Transparency International, a global coalition of over 100 NGOs committed to fighting corruption. During his lecture Mr. Ugaz will discuss the state of corruption around the world. He will focus on recent developments that have had an impact on how corrupt actors manage to operate with impunity, especially in cases involving Grand Corruption. He will also present Transparency International&rsquo;s new vision of how to make progress in stopping corruption and ending impunity.</p><p>Lecture:<strong> José Ugaz</strong>, Chair of Transparency International</p><p>Discussants: <strong>José A. Ocampo</strong>, Professor of International and Public Affairs, Columbia SIPA&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Jennifer Rodgers</strong>, Executive Director, Center for the Advancement of Public Integrity, Columbia Law School</p><p><strong>Ailsa Röell</strong>, Professor of International and Public Affairs, Columbia SIPA</p><p><strong>Anya Schiffrin</strong>,&nbsp;<span style="font-size: 13.008px; line-height: 20.0063px;">Director, International Media, Advocacy, and Communications Specialization, Columbia SIPA&nbsp;</span></p><p>Moderated by <strong>Jan Svejnar</strong>, Director of the Center on Global Economic Governance and James T. Shotwell Professor of Global Political Economy, Columbia SIPA</p><p>In collaboration with the <a href="">Center for the Advancement of Public Integrity</a> and the SIPA <a href=";rct=j&amp;q=&amp;esrc=s&amp;source=web&amp;cd=1&amp;cad=rja&amp;uact=8&amp;ved=0CB8QFjAAahUKEwjZv_-qoerHAhWFXR4KHdmdDoE&amp;;usg=AFQjCNH2_riTi8Nl6nRxfpyKb79u8ke8Rw&amp;sig2=d_2kN56YkZODMySShjCUzg">Economic and Political Development Concentration</a>.</p><p>***</p><p><strong>José Ugaz</strong>, a criminal lawyer by training, has been active in the anti-corruption movement serving in different positions. He was in 2002, the first President of PROETICA, TI&rsquo;s chapter in Peru, and in 2008 became an Individual Member of Transparency International. Ugaz served as Ad-Hoc State Attorney of Peru in several corruption cases. During the Fujimori-Montesinos affair (2000-2002), his office opened more than 200 cases against 1,500 members of the Fujimori criminal network, the biggest corruption case in Peruvian history. Under his mandate, US$205 million in assets were frozen abroad and US$75 million were recovered.</p><p>José Ugaz was a member of the UN Peace Keeping Mission and the UN Election Observers Mission for El Salvador, and from 2004-2006 served at the World Bank&rsquo;s Institutional Integrity Office. He has been teaching criminal law at the Universidad Católica del Perú since 1986. Ugaz was elected to the TI Board in 2011, and elected chair in 2014.</p>