Sharyn L. O'Halloran

Sharyn O'Halloran is the George Blumenthal Professor of Political Economy and Professor of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, where her work focuses on formal and quantitative methods and their application to politics, economics, and public policy. A political scientist and economist by training, Dr. O’Halloran has written extensively on issues related to the political economy of international trade and finance, regulation and institutional reform, economic growth and democratic transitions, and the political representation of minorities. She served as an advisor to the Mexican Department of Commerce, International Trade Division during the NAFTA negotiations, and advised the Turkish Government on the impact of democratization and economic development on political stability.  She has also consulted with the World Bank’s International Finance Group and its Regulation and Competition Policy Group. Dr. O’Halloran obtained her BA degree in economics and political science from University of California San Diego, from where she also received her MA and PhD.