Pedro Burgos

Pedro Burgos is a Brazilian journalist specializing in technology and media. He started his career after graduating from Universidade de Brasília, working for the Jornal do Brasil, covering local politics. As a magazine freelancer, he wrote about education and later technology for a number of publications, from magazines, such as Superinteressante and Exame, to newspapers (Folha) and websites (Papo de Homem, Mercado Popular).

He has been the editor-in-chief of Gizmodo in Brazil and later the executive editor of an online news startup in Brazil, F451, from 2008 to 2013. After publishing a book about society's sometimes problematic relationship with connected technologies in 2014, he got his masters degree in Social Journalism from the City University of New York School of Journalism in 2015.

In New York, he worked as an intern and then an Audience Editor for The Marshall Project, a Pulitzer prize-winning nonprofit that covers criminal justice in the United States. In the last couple of years, he started studying Computer and Data sciences, and how it can be applied to measure the impact of journalism in society.