Guilherme Waltenberg

Guilherme Waltenberg is a journalist whose career focuses on politics, economics and international matters. He was born in São Paulo, and started his career covering local news and quickly became a political reporter. He is also very interested in media startups, especially in Anglophone contexts.

He currently works as an investigative reporter at Metrópoles, a media startup based in the Brazilian capital, which he joined in 2016. Over the last year, Guilherme Waltenberg has worked on investigative stories related to the "Operation Car Wash", which revealed a corruption scandal inside Petrobras, the biggest state-owned company in Brazil, and on other investigations at local level. He has also worked for traditional media outlets in Brazil, such as O Estado de S. Paulo, one of Brazil´s most influential and longest-running quality newspapers, and Correio Braziiense.

He graduated from the Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp) with a degree in journalism and also particpated in a six-month exchange program at the University of Navarra School of Communication, in Spain. Guilherme Waltenberg is fluent in English and Spanish, a native Portuguese speaker, and has basic command of Mandarin. His academic interests include understanding how technology is reshaping the contemporary world on different levels: politically, economically and through the creative economy. HIs other main interests are Latin American development strategies and new models of business and leadership, especially in media contexts.