Stiglitz Receives 2014 Moynihan Prize

Professor Stiglitz awarded 2014 Daniel Patrick Moynihan Prize





Columbia University Professor and Nobel Prize laureate, Joseph Stiglitz, was awarded the 2014 Daniel Patrick Moynihan Prize by the American Academy of Political and Social Science (AAPSS). The award, named after late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, distinguishes social scientists and leaders in the public sphere who support efforts in challenging the society’s most critical issues.  Professor Stiglitz’s work on the pressing issue of income inequality in the US and championing discourse efforts in policymaking has garnered him the honor. The economist’s work is most noted by his book, “The Price of Inequality: How Today’s Divided Society Endangers Our Future.”

 Professor Stiglitz’s trajectory in academia and in public service has contributed to his selection.  He was member and Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors as well as the former chief economist of the World Bank.  He was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2001.  Currently, he serves as University Professor Co-Chair at Columbia University’s Committee on Global Thought and Co-President and Co-founder of the Initiative for Policy Dialogue at Columbia.  As a Faculty Associate at the Center on Global Economic Governance he has participated in forums such as the, “Discussion on the Future of Europe,” our “World Development Report 2014 Workshop” and our “Monetary Management Roundtable.” The ceremony was held in Washington DC, including a public lecture given by Professor Stiglitz.