Pistor receives 2014 Allen & Overy Law Prize

The 2014 Allen & Overy Law Prize honors Professor Katharina Pistor

Katharina Pistor, the Michael I. Sovern Professor of Law at Columbia Law School, was awarded the 2014 Allen & Overy Law Prize in the European Corporate Governance Institute’s (ECGI) law working paper series for best paper. The ceremony was held at the Royal Academy of Belgium, Brussels and presented by Vincent Naveaux and Overy Luxembourg. Professor Pistor’s paper “Towards a Legal Theory of Finance” published in the Journal of Comparative Economics observes the mechanisms for a legal theory of finance. The award honors those who contributed “the knowledge of corporate governance in Europe,” states ECGI’s eligibility requirements. Her research interests include financial regulation, financial market development in transnational and emerging markets, property rights and corporate law and corporate governance. Currently, she is the director of the Center on Global Legal Transformation at Columbia Law School and member of the Committee on Global Thought at Columbia University. Under the Center on Global Economic Governance, Professor Pistor serves as a Faculty Associate and participated in several of our events, including “Reforming Europe Out of the Crisis: Nordic and Danish Perspectives & Solutions and the Launch of the Hertie School of Governance’s Governance Report.”