Book: China and the West

China and the West  present twelve chapters prepared by senior researchers and former policymakers on key policy issues confronting China and the West. They focus on the role of the state in economic development, trade issues and the part played by innovation, digitalization and leadership. 

In a challenging and rapidly changing world, the book aims to provide not only authoritative analyses and perspectives, but to stimulate further thinking and debates about the common future. Each chapter is in the form of a short policy brief.

Saul Estrin from the London School of Economics considers this book ‘a timely and thought-provoking evaluation of the key policy dilemmas in China and the West. This edited volume, with contributions from leading academics, advances our understanding of topics as diverse as “murky” protection, sustainability, artificial intelligence, and local government evaluation.’

China and the West is aimed for policymakers, business leaders, academics, and students.

The volume is edited by CGEG Director Jan Svejnar and Justin Yifu Lin, Dean of Institute of New Structural Economics and professor and Professor of the National School of Development, Peking University, Beijing, China.

The contributors of the book are: E. Ahmad, C.-E. Bai, T. Bending, P. Brutscher, P. Chen, R. Koopman, J. Lew, J. Liang, J.Y. Lin, F. Lu, E. Maskin, I. Neuweg, A. Panagariya, E. Phelps, D. Revoltella, F. Song, N. Stern, J. Svejnar, C. Xie.

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